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            Sergio Rud
            EXPERIENCE: Content manager. Web resources development department • adding content to the site; • layout of pages; • implementation (selection of photos, layout, etc.); • Preparation and sending of mailing; • processing and retouching image; • selection and retrieval of information. "ALMEDA" COMPANY Junior SEO optimizer • analysis of the sites; • search and selection of the reference weight; • negotiations with the site owners. "UFL" COMPANY SEO optimizer • analysis and technical audit; • technical specification for eliminating technical errors; • commercial factors analysis , drafting technical specifications for their improvement; • work with titles and meta tags; • semantic kernel creation, SEO optimization for new keywords; • working with content, creating technical specification for copywriters. Improving the quality of website content, use and implementation of new SEO-text writing principles. Providing recommendations for text creation used for external (article) promotion; • monitoring of major competitors; • preparation of resources portfolio for external promotion; • anchor sheet creation; • removal of search engine filters from the website. ACHIEVEMENTS: While working with I've done the following : 1. Technical site audit. • checking for broken links and images; • removing non-existent pages from indexing; • removing page duplicates; • collaborated in webpage structure redevelopment to speed up page loading. 2. Working with titles and meta tags. Continual work comprising of duplicates removal, changing less popular keywords, correcting grammatical errors (as most of the pages are generated automatically). 3. Creating content. • providing keywords and assigning its occurrence percentage for the text written by copywriters; • text topics; • rules for text writing and its structure; • relinking suggestions and help; • training copywriters on introducing new directions and helping with SEO content creation. 4. Semantic kernel correction and adjustment (as it has already been created for the site); 5. In-depth competitor analysis, their position tracking and methods of promotion, their donors adoption etc. 7. A lot of work has been done on external promotion. The site was under “the penguin” filter due to highly spammed anchor sheet, as well as the poor donor quality. Priority was placed on an organic external promotion, anchors mainly contained non-anchor links and distributed on many pages of the site, not just the homepage. For search engines the site has been made “clean” without traces of SEO manipulation. Subject direction for donors has been compiled. Complete rejection of link exchanges. Xrumer accelerated links indexing and creation of page profiles being promoted. The above actions helped to survive Google updates without losses and avoid being punished by Yandex for behavioral factors manipulation in December 2014. A more organic promotion policy has been introduced for social media which helped to remove the twitter ban . Cessation of purchases of Facebook and VK accounts as well implemented systematic work on the content, etc. helped to achieve the desired results. Summary: Site search traffic growth was 50% (before and after statistics) Traffic growth during the period of 14th February and 8th March (flowers are a seasonal item and the main sales occur during this time) was 43%.
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