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      • Information Technology sphere is a huge sea of code based on different programming languages, tangled networks, software and difficult algorithms.

        Every task can be solved, by many different ways. How to understand this difficult system, and, first of all to find competent and experienced specialists in the sphere of information technology? The idea of set up a search engine on every IT services was born – ITCHOOSER.

        On this unique platform you will find answers on all your questions regarding IT and find appropriate solution for all your projects. ITChooser is not just a search engine on IT services, it also will include many other valuable functions which will come soon online like IT Shop, Ask and Answer (AA) option, Order Pool, and many others.

        All the time our experts work on extension of the range of services which our platform can provide. A huge catalogue of companies on the webpage provides support not only for industrial sector, but also for a private user which probably has many questions to up to date technologies, pc or software.

        For a short period of time about 400 IT companies were registered on the website and this process growth from day to day. Everyone is pleased to come in and use services on first search engine platform for IT Solutions in the web - ITChooser.

        Please keep in mind, that ITChooser is not responsible for the IT companies, that are registered on our website, their actions and services, which they offer. If you find something wrong with one of the companies, please don't hesitate to contact us.